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Don Mattingly Day, 8/31/97

Mattingly Day, 1997. It was the last day before players could be activated to qualify for the post-season roster, so I was hoping the Yankees had this great plan to activate him after a year off so he could help them defend their title. A younger Steinbrenner may have gone for the stunt.
You can imagine my disappointment when Mattingly showed up in a suit.

This way to Mr. Sinatra’s booth

At Matteo’s in West LA. When DiMaggio was headed there in 1986, Sinatra was tipped off and came by to bury the hatchet. Joe D’s driver got word of this and, without telling Joe, brought him to Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood instead to avoid the confrontation. Now they’re both gone and the likes of me show up and order the Dabney Coleman.