This is not baseball…

…said Ken Singleton in reference to the struggles Dontrelle Willis displayed during the first two innings of possibly the worst baseball game played in years by the Yanks, which, for the first two innings, the Diamondbacks tried to match.  But as the game progressed, his description would better describe the Yankee effort, and might even have been an understatement. 

Rarely does a victory merit an angry team meeting, but I sort of hope one is taking place as I type.  You wouldn’t think an offense would be considered overanxious when it draws seven walks in the first 2.1 innings, yet the way poor Willis was going, some of the Yankee swings, and most certainly their baserunning, were acts of charity toward the hapless D-backs.  And if D-train’s performance made AZ fans blanch, Vasquez’s efforts were frustrating enough to make any NYer slap their forehead so hard they might have loosened dental crowns.

A couple of admirably grinded-out runs and a 10th inning homer by Granderson against the wretched Arizona bullpen, to go along with some good relief work (when not walking, balking, and wild-pitching) got the Yanks a victory.  This was aided and abetted by Arizona’s own early curious baserunning that mirrored Willis’ wild performance.  So the Yanks should humbly accept the victory, but, sorry gents… I hereby decree: no beer for you on the charter to Los Angeles.  I’ll take that, thank you very much.



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