JT Being Manny




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Of the many things swimming through my head as I watch the
Saturday Yanks-Sox matchup on Fox, my head is swirling with mostly the obvious,
such as…

…Why would Sabathia plunk Pedroia when it is evident the previous
nights HBPs were intentional?  Umps were wise to not issue a
warning.  And by the way, is there any meaning to a warning
whatsoever?  Ejections are not automatic after a warning, as the ump can
still use his judgment.  And ump can use same said judgment if there has
been no warning issued, so someone tell me the significance of “The
Warning”.  Does it go on your permanent record and keep you out of
the good colleges?

…A sartorial detour: Don’t like the Sox tertiary red
jersey (worn Friday night).  Or anybody’s third jersey, for that matter.  Got
a classic home jersey, so…why?  And not very eco-friendly since you
can’t put those in with your whites.

…If there were two outs, 3rd base coach Robby Thompson
should send Winn on the single to center.  With one out, maybe.  With
no outs, HOLD HIM UP!!!  This is not something that requires athletic
instincts, just a little forethought.

…During the Fox Moment of Silence for Ernie Harwell and
Robin Roberts (brought to you by the new Toyota Avalon – Comfort is Back),
wouldn’t that have been interesting if a brawl broke out?  Fox probably
made a point to avoid the MOS when Arod was at bat, so they picked the more
innocuous Ramiro Pena.

…Bizarro Adrian Beltre is playing for the Red Sox. 
High avg and lousy glove.  Seven errors already and in my limited viewing,
I’ve seen at least two routine grounders right at him in previous games that
were called hits (without the dreaded “tough hop”).

…As I type this, I am watching the game on DVR-delay (only
by writing from LA can I sequester myself so successfully… avoiding hearing
what bar Lindsay Lohan and her mother left at 3am, not quite as easy.), so
maybe the Boston Globe has already written a treatise on this.  On the
ball Beltre threw into left field — and the miracle of DVR corroborates this
— at the moment the ball sailed into right field, JD Drew was still parked at
his position with his hands on his knees, as though he was out sick that day in
little league during the “back up the throw” lesson.  He looked
like he was poised to kick back with a lounge chair and mai tai.  In fact,
all of the above text was written while the ball sat on the field before he
arrived to pick it up. 


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