Merry Christmas, Savings & Loan!

Every time I see Jason Bay burn the Yanks, my reaction is still “Well at least it isn’t Manny.”

A truly pathetic showing wherein the only silver lining is that the Yanks know how wretched they are with five months left in the season.  The home series especially… An injured Youkilis was replaced by a tomato can.  And Beckett has been far from dominating this year.  Papelbon is throwing well, yet keeps opening the door wide for the Yanks to come back, but… no takers.  Varitek looks like a third string catcher.  Ortiz has not been seen since Manny was batting behind him and has since been replaced by vapor.  If it is true that Big Papi is healthy, this answers the question I’ve wondered for years of what kind of hitter this guy is without Mannyworld lurking in the on deck circle.

Getting runners home from 3rd with less than two out seems an impossible task for this Yankee team, while guys like the .213 hitting Varitek seem capable of such fundamentals.   And it took exactly zero games before Posada’s injury would burn the team, as Molina started off his #1 catcher duties with a poor showing and doing the mathematically impossible – leaving more runners in scoring position than actually reached base.  Ramiro Pena has been a very nice upgrade from the Berroa-Ransom tandem, but still makes the most ardent A-Rod haters pine for the big, beleaguered slugger.  I don’t know why his wonky hip was not assessed at the end of last season, but the whole Arod injury is playing out like “It’s a Wonderful Life” whereby short-sighted fans are introduced to a world where Jimmy Stewart doesn’t marry Donna Reed – Cody Ransom does. 

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