This Must Still Be Spring Training

Vs Tigers

The beauty of this latest Yankee loss was how fast and efficient it was.  Sabathia got dinged up a little, but he was good enough to give the bullpen a bit of a holiday.  That’s our $161M man!

As an added bonus, fans were not forced to witness Cody Ransom or Angel Berroa with a bat, though against Verlander, everyone looked like Berroa.  I found it refreshing to watch a game and not find myself calculating how devastating either C-Ran or A-Ber might have been toward the loss in A-rod’s absence.


Vs Red Sox

It’s easy to look toward the Yanks pitching, certainly the pen, for their shortcomings, but looking at the Red Sox series…

Game one featured Rivera blowing the save, but it came right after the Yanks loaded the bases with no one out and failed to score.  The time it took me to wonder why Terry Francona was letting Javier Lopez languish out there was about twice the amount of time it took for the Yanks to go down in quick succession without pushing anyone across.  There went the game.

Game two featured 11 runs – a great outburst, and mostly against Beckett at that.  Yet when the game was tight late, they couldn’t get runners home from third with less than two out–a feat at which the Sox were more adept.  Can’t fault an 11 run tally, but poor situational hitting is something to file away.

Game three they were quiet against Masterson and almost completely dead silent from the middle of the fifth inning on against minor league reinforcements. 


Vs. A’s

Tex‘s play at first against the A’s provides beautiful juxtaposition to what the Yanks had at 1B for much of the previous seven seasons.  I’m not anti-sabermetrics, but anyone who says first base defense makes an inconsequential difference over the course of a year wasn’t tuned in to the YES network between 2002-2008.  The Giambino was as nice to opposing hitters as he apparently is to the press and teammates.


Oh, and Cano went chasing after the runner… again, spoiling what could have been a 4-6-3 double play.  This time, he booted the ball as he tried to one hand it while looking at the runner.    I’m extremely relieved the Yanks did not trade him over the winter, but I guess I’ll forever be frustrated that what starts as a routine double play turns into Cano chasing down the baserunner like he’s Elmer Fudd with a rabbit in his cross hairs.

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