Which Way You Going, Jimmy?

I guess Rickey isn’t the only Hall of Fame inductee this year who speaks the crazy talk.

I was tickled to open up the cyber-paper this morn and read that Jim Rice blames the Yankee payroll for him not winning a world series (though the Yanks didn’t stand in his way in ’75, ’86 or ’88, they did go the post-season five times during his career… hardly a great imbalance).  In the same breath, he lauds Theo Epstein for building the Red Sox “the right way”.


“If you look at the Red Sox now, you see them bringing guys up in the organization.  That’s why Theo has been the person he’s been over the last couple of years. He’ll bring young kids up and stay within the organization… The Yankees haven’t won in the last eight years. What do they do? They go out and buy high-priced players in the hope to get back the winning percentage they had 10 years ago.”


So, to recap, is Rice saying:

  1. Staying within the organization is the key to success.  That’s what Theo is doing, to positive results.
  2. Spending on players outside the organization is the key to a team’s success – that’s why the Yanks were so successful in Rice’s 1975-89 playing career. 

2a. (I guess he’s also saying he’d rather lose with all home grown guys rather than acquire Reggie or Goose?  Or is he blaming his owners for not competing with the Yanks for free agents?) 


It’s an old contradictory lament, and it’s always funny to see how each team has their own idea of what a team’s payroll should be – theirs.  Anything above that is TOO MUCH!


The Sox are a successful team, combining development with, yes, a huge payroll relative to most teams in the league.  And the players not named Manny must love that dirty water because they keep signing extensions for less than they could get on the open market. 

[As a related sidenote, I was amused to see Kevin Youkilis talk about how family (his wife’s specifically) played a big role in him signing an extension in Boston.  That kind of talk is reserved for players who bail for more money elsewhere, not guys who stick around with their original team.  It seemed like he was about to segue into a rhapsody about the superior school system in Boston. ]



In other news, does Harold Reynolds pay rent at the MLB Network studios?  Maybe the studio is in his basement, because judging by his presence every time I turn on the channel, that place is clearly his residence.  I should have flicked it on early Sunday to see if he was at the desk wearing robe while nursing a cup of coffee and a bagel. 

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