Sour Grapes or Do I Just Hate Manny?

I’m trying to tell myself it’s not bad if the Sox go on and win the World Series.  They’re the best team, Boston’s a great city, Fenway is a beautiful park, and they have a rabid fan base.  The "curse" is over, so what’s the big deal.

But seeing Manny Ramirez so emphatically turn a 7-2 deficit into a 7-3 deficit, then thrust both arms in the air like he just won a pie-eating contest before circling the bases during the time the Goodyear blimp could have circumnavigated the globe makes me think a Cleveland victory would be true poetic justice.  I still don’t think the Sox have much right to lose this series, but they are on the verge of being upset.  And if that does happen, will someone tell Manny?



    I find it very easy to root against Kenny Lofton. Very easy.
    Munson should not be in the Hall, I’m sorry. He was good, but not great. I love the Yanks, but Munson was overrated.

    My 2 cents.


    Eh… .300/.400/.600. I’ll take the silliness. Even the lack of hustle in game 5 – hey – he had the game winning RBI.

    When did Topps baseball cards stop using that stat, anyway?

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