Wherrrrrrre’s Johnny?

With Johnny Damon’s futility snuffing out a Yankee rally tonight, one (like me, for instance) cannot help but wonder if this highlighting of his 2007 season long impotence can finally result in his…

A) benching,

B) assignment to the DL, or at the very least,

C) drop in the order.   

In fact, it’s amazing Arod has had so many RBI opportunities when the Yanks leadoff hitter has his average up to the .240s.    Would Jeter-Abreu-Arod be such a bad top 3?  At this point, Miguel Cairo looks like a more effective DH than Damon.  Even if Damon’s speed, attitude, haircut, sang froid, blackmail pictures or whatever it is that is keeping his light, slap-hitting, cannot-turn-on-the-ball swing in the lineup, his rally-killing ways should have stopped long ago by burying him where he’s less obvious.

Right now, Giambi’s return can not come fast enough.  And that may be the only time “Giambi” and “fast” are used in the same sentence. 

One comment

  1. sadaharuo@hotmail.com

    Well it’s time like this that Torre’s intransigence really burns my buns. The very fact that he EVER had Damon leading off proves that Torre is more loyal to baseball tradition than to baseball fact. Jeter is the best leadoff hitter in the American League. Check out his 2005 stats, the only year when he was a pure leadoff hitter. Now tell me who deserves that spot more.
    But no, Damon is the leadoff hitter. Why?

    Because Damon “has batted leadoff his whole career.”

    Never mind that he has never done it as well as the guy who you already had on your team, the guy who is making 20 million a year even though he doesn’t hit homeruns. Nope. Must be a slave to the conventional wisdom.

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