Sheff Says the Darndest Things

There’s not much to add to the GarySheffield’s wake of lunacy, other than he might want to have tea with Carl Everett so they can discuss the fallacy of dinosaurs and the moon landing.   There might be no better reflection on Joe Torre than the fact that people who pop off after they are dealt or released have a history of antisocial disorder and could use a dallop of meds.  It was a nice touch that Sheff referenced two other disgruntled former Yanks of African descent, because both of those ballplayers complained about playing time that they lost to… two other black players!  Genius.  So Kenny Lofton agrees with Sheff.  Tony Womack could not be reached for comment, as he disappeared of planet Earth shortly after it was realized his playing career ended a few years before he retired.

Surely there are many fine editorials on this rhapsody.  I’m fond of this Jon Heyman piece.


  1. Sid

    I refuse to be surprised by anything that comes out of Sheffield’s mouth anymore.

    And thankfully, nobody else seems to be either.

    Gary Sheffield’s credibility is so shot by his self-serving egomania and his chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease that he could say “The sky is blue” and I’d roll my eyes and demand evidence.

    The proof behind this is in his brushing off of Derek Jeter’s race. Anybody who knows anything about racist crackers knows that “part white” equals “not white.”

    Could it be that Joe Torre shows respect to those who deserve it, and treats others in a matter which their personalities demand?

    Afterall, perhaps there’s a reason Gary Sheffield has been on SEVEN different teams in his career…

    And I agree with Torre – If I were him, I’d have rather had Vladamir Guerrero too. (Thankfully, he didn’t, or MY team wouldn’t have him now!)

    -Sid McHenry

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